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#100million: How One Voice Can Reach 100 Million People

Blog post   •   Mar 10, 2016 16:29 GMT

Picture this. You’re a brand, a small charity, a fresh start-up, a one-man band. Whoever you are, you’ve got a story to tell. And given the opportunity to tell it to 100 million people, for free, you’d probably do it – right?!

But is it possible for one voice to reach so many people? Well, call us crazy or call us daring, but we reckon that equipped with the right tools and pitched in the most effective manner, your story could be the talk of the tube, the talk of the coffee break, the talk of the online world.

So that’s what we’re giving you the chance to do, to tell your story to the millions, with our 2016 PR campaign: #100million.

Here’s our story of the 100 Million Reach Challenge and why we believe that one voice really does have the power to reach the millions...

Everyone has a story to tell…

Sometimes even the most successful of global brands can be coy in their communications, not believing that their stories have enough oomph to capture the interest of others. But we think that’s nonsense.

We truly believe that every company - no matter what your size - has an interesting tale to tell. Be it the background of how your brand came to be, a fundraising event or a new campaign - a good story told well and to the people who are most likely to be interested, has the power to reach millions.

It’s about cutting through the online noise...

No matter whether you work in the communications department of a global brand or a small charity, when it comes to getting coverage it can be a real challenge. Why? Because there are so many factors which need to be in place for your story to launch; the content creation, the visual assets, the distribution, contacts list and promotion - the list goes on!

And if you’re not equipped with the right tools then getting your story off the ground could prove tough. But pair a compelling story with a brand newsroom and the world of comms is your oyster. With a newsroom, your story can be published across social channels, to journalists and influencers and beyond in a second.

Challenging yourself could be your biggest challenge…

Our #100million challenge isn’t just about showcasing our digital PR platform. It’s about challenging all of us in the industry to become braver in our storytelling.

Our challenge? It's to prove the power of our digital PR software and help you reach 100 million people. Your challenge is to be bold and tell your greatest story. Who knows who might be listening?

So if you think you’ve got what it takes, apply to take the challenge here:

Good luck!