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​2018 PR Resolutions: Set a Goal, Hit a Goal

Blog post   •   Jan 10, 2018 08:30 GMT

It’s that time again - ‘New Year, New You’. We all wake up on January 1st with a determination to be ‘better’; we set ourselves resolutions to improve fitness, eat healthier and generally get on top of things. But sometimes these promises are tough to stick to. And that can be the same in an industry like PR and Communications where it’s easy to lose sight of the things you want to achieve and it’s difficult to determine immediate ROI. This is why it’s important to set yourself SMART goals:

[S] Be Specific

Be specific with want you want to achieve. Setting end-goals like ‘increase traffic’ or ‘get more coverage’ will give you something to work towards but doesn’t give you steps to achieve them. Be detailed and work out exactly what you need to do to succeed.

[M] Make it Measurable

Setting measurable targets will not only give you something tangible to work towards but it’ll also make it easier to identify the success you’re having and if/where you need to improve. So, for example, based on your traffic levels, last year, your measurable goal could be “to increase traffic by x%, this year”.

[A] Get people to Agree

Make your goals known! The more people you’ve told you’re doing Dry-January, the harder it is to order that Pinot Grigio - so apply this to your PR resolutions too! Sit down with your manager or present the plans (with clear KPIs) to your team - get them to agree and GET ON IT!

[R] Be Realistic

You’re only human. You can’t expect to increase traffic by 200% in your first week back and with no clear plan of attack so set yourself realistic tasks and targets. Look at your workload objectively and decide where there is opportunity to improve.

[T] Set a Timescale 

The key with any effective goal is making it time-bound - ‘by the end of Q1 I will have…” However, the ticking clock is not meant to add time pressure. Use it to set achievable milestones along the way so you can continually assess your progress and determine how best to move forward to ensure you reach your goals.