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3 Hacks To Overcome Your Fear Of Visual Content

Blog post   •   Mar 14, 2016 11:01 GMT

Video and images are becoming increasingly important aspects of our content and communications. Across so many social platforms now, it’s easy to produce and share visual documentations of live events and experiences in an instant. Yet according to #DigitalPR Challenge - our latest survey - 65% of respondents have not used or have little knowledge of creating video content.

If you compare that figure with the 83% of respondents who said they’re now expected to create more video content, one could conclude that visual creation is still a big step for many but an area comms, marketers and PRs must familiarise themselves with. But how are comms people meant to boost their content, without the tools and skills?

Facebook has already seen a huge increase in the average daily video views, which increased from 4 billion to 8 billion during April- November 2015. This shows a clear need, especially from the younger generation, that we must adapt and move with the times. We must be more visually compelling in our content.

But where do you even begin with videos? Well, here at Mynewsdesk, we’re privileged to work alongside some real professionals. Here are Nils and Daniel’s top tips for creating visual content:

1. “Start with small scale visuals”

People often worry that creating videos requires complicated tools and long processes - but in reality, it’s quite the contrary. Visual content can be created with just your mobile phone! And the possibilities are endless, opening-up an entirely new way of capturing, engaging and educating your audience. 

The first hurdle to get over is your fear! So, we’d suggest you get started with simple projects. 

2. "Identify areas for visual content"

Speak to other members of your team to try to identify areas of the business which could be supported or enhanced by visual assets. These videos could include:

  • Customer Case Study - Interview a customer about how your product or services has positively impacted their work
  • Employer branding - Showcase your workplace and employees
  • Product Launch - See new products or services with a short video
  • Events - Share moments from the events you’ve hosted
  • Tutorial Videos - See how your service / product works in a more creative way

Some of the best newsrooms we've seen use videos in clever and creative ways - and this has seen the average time on their pages and audience engagement upped considerably. So be smart, because visuals have the power to take your comms to the next level! 

3. "Always know what you’re measuring"

Performance measurement is everything.

There is so much we can measure: change in followers, shares, comments, conversions - the list goes on. And it’s what you achieve and what you learn from these metrics that really matter.

On channels such as Facebook, you can add in a clear CTA on the visual assets you post, and can therefore also measure the traffic from a specific link. Look over your KPIs and set clear goals on what you want to accomplish with your videos.

So to summarise...

  • Always know why you’re creating the visual content
  • Start with a simple project and then move onto the bigger ideas
  • Learn the basics
  • Sound is more important that the image so make sure your message can be heard, loud and clear!

Want to learn more? Download the survey which presents the greatest challenges facing communicators and also a number of solutions that might just make your job easier.