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5 Brilliantly Believable April Fools': 2015

Blog post   •   Apr 01, 2015 17:45 BST

Aah April Fools’ – the one day of the year where you can trust absolutely no one, not even the most reliable of sources (in fact they’re the worst!)

We take a quick look at the April Fools’ campaigns of 2015...

1. Domino’s – Driverless Delivery

The nation’s* favourite pizza delivery service, Domino’s has unveiled plans to launch its first fleet of driverless delivery bikes.

From April 1st, customers will no longer be greeted at the door by a friendly* chap – instead they’ll be met with a super-advanced, pizza-bearing bike. At least that alleviates any awkward tipping situations…

* Mynewsdesk’s favourite…okay…my favourite

*delivery boys may vary

2. TFL – Escalator Rules

“Due to overwhelming demand from tourists, you are now required to stand on the left and walk on the right"

Needless to say, TFL’s announcement (via a sign at Canary Wharf Tube Station) has caused a bit of a stir amongst regular commuters.

3. Bloc Hotels – Airline Cabins

Chain hotel, Bloc, today revealed elaborate plans to take their accommodation to the skies with their luxury airplane cabins.

CEO Rob Morgan earlier said: “We offer guests affordable and convenient accommodation before their flight – but we didn’t want to stop there…”

Perhaps they’ll have to stop there…for now.

4. Costa – Kip Time

High Street coffee shop, Costa, has noticed a real surge in sales between 3-4pm, when customers are craving their caffeine fix. But realising the underlying issues, Costa is now encouraging their customers to take a 15 minute nap…at the table.

Costa will be providing ostrich feather pillows and a chance to unwind in their new relaxation zones.

5. Foyles – Boo!mark

Quite the contrary to Costa, Foyles is now selling Boo!marks – a nifty bookmark which wakes readers up if they nod-off mid-read (RRP £7.99). The bookmark has several volume settings and comes in a range of colours.

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