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Why YOU Should Come To Bootcamp LIVE | 20th October

Blog post   •   Mar 22, 2016 13:34 GMT

Customer Success is hugely important to Mynewsdesk. It’s in our DNA to make sure that we equip each and every one of our customers, big or small, with tailored advice to help them unlock the true power of the platform and get the most out of their content. 

We thought it was time to round you all-up again and point you in the right direction! And that's why on 20th October, we're hosting our second ever Bootcamp Live; a whole day dedicated to taking your content and news to the next level, helping you reach the right audiences and boost your brand. 

To say I'm pretty excited about this would be an understatement! Why? Well allow me to explain...

It's always good to see you...

As someone who has been with Mynewsdesk since the beginning of its UK journey, I really do love to meet and speak to the people who are using our platform on a daily basis - and hearing stories of their great results!

Learn how others are using their newsrooms...

Mynewsdesk is not just a tool, it's also a community. 

From visual content to compelling headlines, you all use Mynewsdesk in some pretty cool and unique ways, so bringing you all together gives us a great opportunity to share experiences, stories and the lessons learnt! Who knows whose story or methods you might be inspired by...?

Spend time with your account managers...

We know that a lot is expected of you PR people, and in an ever-evolving industry, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques can be a chore in itself! And that's what Bootcamp LIVE is all about; giving you direct access to our Customer Success team (who are pretty clued-up when it comes to the world of PR) who will be able to give you advice, tips and tricks on what could work in your newsroom.

Influence the future of Mynewsdesk...

It's you guys who use Mynewsdesk on a daily basis, so it makes sense that you play a big part in the platform's development. And plus, the PR industry and needs of the professionals within it are forever evolving, and it's important we keep up-to-speed. So if there's anything else you'd like the tool to do, now's your time to talk about it.

So as you can tell, we're really excited for bootcamp and hope you are too. We'd love to have you there, but places are limited so make sure you book your place now!

See you on the 20th!

Heather, Nick & Emilia