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5 SEO Boosting #BrandNewsroom Tips

Blog post   •   Nov 03, 2015 13:30 GMT

SEO is important - we get it! But with the rules always changing, it can be hard to keep abreast of what's good optimisation etiquette and what's not. 

Back in the day, companies could rank top of the SERPS by cramming their content full of keywords and buying links from dodgy looking sites. But this is 2015, people, and we're better than that! Google no longer wants quantity, it wants relevant, interesting and content rich sites. So let's keep that in mind.

A brand newsroom can help you keep-up with Google's game and take your naturally optimised content to the next level. Here's my advice...

1. Have 3-5 links within your text

Improve your readers' experience of your content by linking to other articles, documents and websites. If Google recognises your efforts to enhance user experience it might just give your rankings a little nudge up the SERPs. If you're worried about losing your readers to other pages though, keep them with you by selecting "open in another tab" when creating the url. Nifty as.

2. Implement the CNAME option

An iFrame keeps the look and feel of your website, but the CNAME alongside it or on its own will ensure your site is receiving all the SEO juice it deserves. When in doubt - CNAME it!

3. Create content for your audience

Sounds kind of obvious, but when you're creating content you should always keep your audience in mind. Think about the type of content which would not only be useful to them but also what they'd be most likely to share, socially. 

Top your pieces with interesting titles; thought-provoking or controversial quotes, numbers, stats, timely topics, rhetorical questions etc. etc. etc. Google loves rich content that people want to read, so create some of that good stuff!

4. Relate material 

Make sure your reader has the option to read other similar pieces by relating your material. Plus, try to have at least one be a downloadable image or video in each bit of content you produce.  This will help increase click-throughs, time spent in the newsroom, and the user experience...which all leads to SEO boosts! 

5. Tag appropriately  

In all of your work, make sure you tag appropriately.  3-7 tags should suffice, but make sure you have a reason behind each of those tags!  

So those are my top 5 tips but if you'd like any further brand newsroom tips then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Over and out!

Angela Lacey

Customer Success Manager