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7 Sessions For Storytellers

Blog post   •   Apr 15, 2016 11:30 BST

We’d like to give you an idea of what to expect next week at our first ever Bootcamp Live! 

The day has been designed with Mynewsdesk customers in mind. If you want to create cool content that your target market wants to voraciously consume, this is the day for you! Expect lots of workshops and interaction, and definitely some bribery with chocolate.

Have I got a newsroom for you?

We’ll start the day off by looking at why putting a newsroom at the heart of your content strategy is the best thing you could possibly do! If you think about your newsroom as a whole: what is the overarching aim of this space? What is your tone of voice for each asset? Who is it for? We’ll look at some little known newsroom features, some client success stories and we'll also be holding a newsroom competition!

New features revealed!

Our product owners and developers have been beavering away in Sweden to bring you some new features, new styling and a new product roadmap for your delectation! We’ll show you how to use it all and what these additional developments could mean for your communications strategy. Expect high energy (and chocolate).

Setting Smart KPIs

We will have you talking like an existential toddler, asking yourselves and each other why your current KPIs make sense. You’ll brainstorm your business objectives and work together to set new realistic and valuable KPIs on your content from scratch. We’ll look at different models to reach this aim and set parameters for the future of measurement!

SEO later!

Jargon can swamp even the savviest of SEOs. We’ll kick things off with a lively jargon jumble to get the noggings working. Then, we’ll get you to think like a webmaster, diving straight into Google’s best practice guidelines and exploring how their algorithm updates have affected your industries, and what practical steps you can take to make your content stand out, in spite of this. AND, we’ll be doing a LIVE website audit and arm you with the tools to do the same for your sites

Content and distribution

It’s time to concoct creative content! We’ll put you to work designing a content calendar, using the goals and metrics you created in your KPI session. We’ll delve into distribution by analysing the PESO model and how it relates to the content you create and give you the confidence to know that there are good stories, and good content partners in every nook and cranny of your business.

Social we go out some time?

Making sure your content fits your channel here is key. We’ll look at some really awesome examples of surprising campaigns to get you to think more broadly about the possibilities you might have at your fingertips! It’s not all Oreo and news jacking. We’ll end by creating socially shareable versions of the content you created in the last session!

How to create video and images on a budget

We believe our customers are more than capable of creating engaging image and video content quickly and easily. All you need are some tips on how to get started and an idea of which tools (and people!) can help you along the way. And with video on the sharp rise (by 2018 video will account for over two thirds of mobile usage!) it’s time we equipped our newsroom soldiers with the right ammo!

Are you ready to tie your bootcamp bootlaces and get creative? See you on the 21st April!