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August 2015 | What Can We Learn From Your Newsrooms?

Blog post   •   Sep 24, 2015 14:17 BST

There was a total of 25,678 visits to the top 10 performing customer newsrooms, in August 2015. And it’s no wonder – there was all sorts of wonderful going on in there!

From pumping out content to important contacts to boosting email open rates with compelling headlines, we take a look at the customers who've been getting the most out the brand newsroom - our nifty PR tool!

Tourism: Visit Scotland

Visit Scotland, used their newsroom to send out a press release announcing the nation’s bid to host the 2019 Solheim Cup. The release was their most popular post in August with over 239 reads and 199 social shares.

So what can we learn from Visit Scotland? Well, it's essential that you share your content across multiple platforms (website and social channels) to obtain maximum exposure and brand awareness. You never know what a simple Retweet could lead to...

Food & Beverage: Arla Foods

Arla Foods’ top performing story was pretty quickly picked up and covered by many sites including Dairy Reporter and Food Bev Media.

The story, Two new joint-ventures to start up in West Africa, was distributed to 627 contacts and saw an open rate of 20% (higher than the industry average of 18%). 

The takeout: Knowing who your audience is, where they are and distributing your story accordingly is key.

Retail: Dirty Water Records

Dirty Water Records, has been using their newsroom to leak news about their bands' forthcoming singles. 

The record label's most successful story "New single release: The Sons of Bido Lito", reached over 27,000 relevant inboxes and was shared socially over 100 times. 

Travel: London Luton Airport

London Luton Airport was our best performing travel customer, last month, with over 2,300 newsroom visits - 2,025 of those uniques. The majority of their traffic came through desktop but 27% arrived through mobile devices, so it's worth ensuring your website is mobile optimised (of course, if you have a newsroom then you've already got that covered!)

Met Police

Aligning themselves with the much talked about Notting Hill Carnival, Metropolitan Police again topped our charts of the most viewed content with their news piece “UPDATED: Notting Hill Carnival Latest

The capitalisation of “updated” gave the piece a sense of urgency while “Notting Hill latest” implied that there had been yet more events and revelations, thus encouraging clicks-through to read the “latest” news.

Furthermore, the piece consisted of simple stats about the events, thus making the content easier to skim read and digest.

Takeout: Where possible, post your news and content in real-time to help ensure that you’re the original source of breaking stories.