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Blog post   •   Nov 12, 2015 08:10 GMT

Here at Mynewsdesk, we strive to ensure your communications is at its best. We focus on constantly improving our platform and make frequent updates to improve your user experience and bolster the strength of your newsroom.

We implemented some changes this morning which are now visible within your dashboard! We hope these features will help your newsroom stand out and save you time in your daily work.

Have a look at our updates below:

Customise the Subdomain for Your Hosted Newsroom. This option enables you to create a header and footer that matches the existing graphic profile of your site, all on your subdomain! It’s a great design and easy to use!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 16.44.42.png

Story Widget. Bring your homepage to life with this easy to implement function and give your visitors a preview of your newsroom. This story widget is a “teaser” of your newsroom, displaying your latest stories on any other part of your website, encouraging interaction and easy navigation to your content. When a visitor clicks a link in the Story Widget they will be sent to your newsroom on Mynewsdesk or hosted newsroom depending on your settings. This feature is for all our Plus and Premium customers.

Widget english.png

Pin the most important news at the top of the newsroom. Make sure to keep your most important campaigns on top! With the Top story feature, you can ensure the news you want to showcase stays at the top of your newsroom. This feature is for all newsroom customers.

Top story english.png

Multiple Stories in an email. Attach multiple stories to a single message when using the Network function. Send complete and personal press kits to journalists or other key stakeholders. These messages can be sent before you publish them in your newsroom - give your brand ambassadors a head start! This feature is for all newsroom customers.

Multiple story english.png

Try them out now!

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at You can also view our Product Updates information page here