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Bootcamp Session #3: Supercharge your SEO!

Blog post   •   Aug 19, 2015 08:30 BST

Ahoy there SEO Sailors!

So far we’ve held two bootcamp sessions, “Back to Basics”, and Setting KPIs”, both of which have received really good feedback! So thank you for being a part of this series and making the time to listen to us harp on about newsroom best practise, and test out our cheese jokes on you.

The next session will be all about SEO! As usual we will be looking at the big picture, drilling down into some strategies, and then applying it to how you use your newsroom.

Quality content

With an increasing focus on quality content over backlinks, it’s important to regroup and remember that you are publishing for people, not algorithms. We’ll look at what content is considered quality content and how you can frame your content to add value to your audience.

Decoding SEO Jargon: what does it all mean?

An inevitable byproduct of working in our industry is the slew of jargon that gets put in front of us. In this section of our Bootcamp session we will create a glossary to help us navigate the labyrinth of confusing terminology.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

In this section we will dive straight into Google’s quality guidelines. This part will require content producers to think like webmasters. What does this framework tell us about how we need to publish content online?

  • Content guidelines
  • Image guidelines
  • Video best practices
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-region sites
  • URL organisation

What to expect when you’re expecting (a new algorithm update)

We will look at what the newest algorithm release means for content producers and take a look back at previous changes and the effects they had for context.

Dos and Don’ts in your newsroom!

Here we’ll remind you of the basic features that are built into Mynewsdesk to prompt you into SEO best practise.

As with previous sessions we will be creating handouts and providing you with additional resources you can follow up on after the session.

If you’re interested in joining our Supercharge your SEO workshop, or indeed any of the MND Bootcamp series, please email Heather, Angela or Emilia.

We really hope to see you on Wednesday August 26th at 10am.