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Are Your Images Ruining Your Chances Of Coverage?

Blog post   •   Sep 06, 2013 11:30 BST

The images you choose to use to spice up your content could be the difference between getting national coverage and ending up in someone's unread folder. Surely aim for the former, right?

Mynewsdesk's in-house designer, Jonny, shares his dos and don'ts to help you create the most eye-catching and snazzy content imaginable! Take heed and watch your content soar...

  • DO use images in landscape mode for web images. As lovely as square or portrait images can be, landscape ones are more suited to a release. 

  • DON’T ever ever ever use low res images at Mynewsdesk. If it's low res, no one's going to want to use or share it.

  • DO use high res images. Everywhere. High res is a term we use to identify images of at least 1000 pixels in width (preferably more!). To give you a better idea of what this is, images taken with an iphone 5 are about 2500px on the shortest side. Sure, uploading an image of 50 000 pixels width might be a bit unnecessary but do try to upload good quality images!

  • DON’T use shadows, glow, gradients, bevel & emboss or rotations. Loads of apps have really cool functions and Photoshop can be alluring but stay away from these when fixing up a web image. Go for clear, clean images.

  • DO let the image speak for itself. Don’t add text or icons to images. If you want to apply filters to your images, don’t use very harsh ones or set down the image intensity by more than 50%.

  • DON’T ever use Instagram images for your releases. Instagram sneakily makes all images 600 by 600 pixels, which is NOT high resolution.

  • DO use the cropping function in image upload if you don’t want whitespace around your image. We will always render the largest possible image to suit the height of the screen it’s being viewed on while still allowing the text below the image to be easily accessed.