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Content For Customers: 4 Keys To Retention

Blog post   •   Jul 26, 2016 16:20 BST

Blog posts, news stories, press releases, images, videos, live streams. It’s all content. But have you ever put down your pen (metaphorically speaking) to consider why you’re creating so much of it?

We know that good content, published appropriately, can increase brand awareness and this of course can, in turn, lead to the acquisition of new customers. But what about the customers you already have? According to a survey by Gartner Group, 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from 20% of your existing customers, so it’s essential that you nurture what you’ve got!

We take a look at how your content can convert users into loyal and lasting customers.

1. Regular posting = Higher retention

A Hubspot survey recently drew a clear correlation between quality content and higher retention / conversion rates. Figures, right? Companies who published more than 16 posts per month generated nearly 3.5x as much traffic as companies whose only posted 0-4 times each month. Now, whether this proves that you have a good retention is difficult to say, but it is clear in any case that a large library of content can pave the way to success. Content can offer added value.

2. Education = Empowerment

An educated customers is an empowered customer. And that’s a good customer to have indeed.

We cannot stress this enough: make sure your customers are using your tool correctly and are therefore getting the most out of it. A confused customer is an unhappy one. Why? Because they’re paying for a service which is essentially useless to them unless they’ve been armed with the right education.

But educational content needn’t just be “top tips” blog posts. It could be an interactive webinar, a YouTube video tutorial, an infographic. Consider how your audiences like to learn and align your content accordingly.

3. Updates = In the know

Satisfied customers are good customers. Unexpected changes in your service and the absence of instructions can often lead to frustration which means it’s super important to always keep your customers up to date with what's happening, whether it’s via a newsletter, blog post or, again, a video tutorial of the new feature. Make sure you take time out to run them through the changes and provide materials to support them.

4. Involvement = A sense of belonging

Hey - you may well be your company’s “content” person, but your customers can be the voice of your brand too. And getting them to create content for you is a great way to make them feel valued. Here are some ideas to generate content with your customers and show them the love:

-Customer focused event

-Customer case studies (written or video)

-Customer awards (to show recognition for customers who use your tool well)

So there we have it. But the main takeaway from this blog is that a committed and involved customer is the key to your brand's long term success. In order to continue to grow, you need to nurture those who already love you. Good luck!