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FutureComms15: 5 Minutes With David Schneider

Blog post   •   May 21, 2015 16:14 BST

David Schneider. An actor in Hollywood blockbusters such as Mission Impossible and A Knight's Tale, and Steeve Coogan's I'm Alan Partridge. A stand-up comedian. Oh...and a Twitter obsessive with over 196k followers (not that he's counting) and founder of ThatLot (an agency specialising in viral videos and images). Oh, and he'll be speaking at FutureComms15. Needless to say, we're pretty darn excited!

Here are a couple of spoilers of what to expect from his talk: 

1. What are the key themes of your talk at this year's FutureComms?

With our company, That Lot, we have been helping brands and businesses develop new strategies to set them apart from the rest of the herd. In this talk, I'll be sharing my insights into how to tweet with impact and humour, how to get trending, how to use formats such as reactive listening, live-tweeting and personalisation effectively, as well as how to create original techniques and stories that allow your brand to cut through the online noise. From TV-style scheduling to Periscope, from situation rooms to video interviews, I hope to show how passion for the medium, originality and creativity can make all the difference on social.

2. Why have you chosen to discuss these areas?

I'm very excited by the creativity and energy on social media. Yes, it's often motivated by a wish to cut through, to get noticed or to sell stuff, but, hell, isn't that part of why Shakespeare wrote his plays? As part of what we do with That Lot, we like trying to work out what will have impact on Twitter, what's going to be original, what will make people go "wow! I've not seen that before!". And we love trying to predict where social media is going next.