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Get your customer's attention with these 4 content ideas

Blog post   •   Jan 22, 2015 15:15 GMT

Sometimes old tricks are the most useful ones, that's why they're classics. Here are our top 4 tips based on what we have learned from our most read blog posts from 2014. Maybe you'll find some content ideas for your communication and marketing activities. Let's make 2015 newsworthy!

Tip 1: Be a thought leader


Provide a view to the future. Give materials that help your customer gain a glimpse of future industry trends. Here Deirdre Breakenridge shared what she believes will be the future of comms...

Tip 2: Show, don't tell

Case studies are not about bragging, they are about showing how you have solved your customer's problems. Let them speak. Watch an example that we know our customers loved...

Tip 3: Be topical - keep it fresh

Certain things happen every year. Get ready and take advantage of this! Can you provide something interesting around those events with a quirky angle? We had loads of views with our  Halloween themed PR horror stories post, have a look!

Tip 4: Filter & curate content

You know what's going on in your industry. Filter out the most interesting topics and benefit your customer with your special expertise. Sharing is caring! Our readers loved this list of PR books we recommended for World Book Day, check it out...