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How Mynewsdesk Increased Hövding's Newsroom Traffic by 279%

Blog post   •   Sep 23, 2016 10:51 BST

A well-developed editorial calendar, purpose over profit approach and an optimised newsroom - the key ingredients to Hövding’s campaign success.

In June 2016, Hövding, together with Mynewsdesk, launched the Give a Beep initiative. A digital bike bell was distributed to cyclists in central London. It collected information — and sent an email to London’s mayor Sadiq Khan — on dangerous areas in the city.

Hövding use their Mynewsdesk newsroom to distribute news and press releases about the latest product launches. Just like many small and midsize businesses, Hövding doesn’t always have the time or resources to produce engaging content, especially not without a strategy or benchmarks in place.

During the Give a Beep campaign, Mynewsdesk’s digital PR software helped boost Hövdings numbers - and reach a wider audience. This was not done by producing all the content, but to build a strategy, which centres around creating consistent and interesting content.

One month into the campaign, the traffic had increased by 278%. Page views per session increased by 172% indicating that the audience found the content interesting and relevant.

How did we do it?

1. Content calendar

When it comes to creating worthwhile content, an editorial calendar is essential. A calendar helps you organise your content and develop a strategy.

For the Give A Beep campaign we had limited time (just 5 weeks) and a lot of content to produce: 3 posts per week. Mynewsdesk helped with the strategy, but the content was written by Hövding.

2. Purpose-driven storytelling

”People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

— Simon Sinek, author and keynote speaker on leadership and management.

We chose to shift focus from product to purpose. Together with Hövding, we decided that all of the content we produced should be about the joy of cycling, not about Hövding’s product.

3. Optimised newsroom

There are a few things you can fine tune in your newsroom if you want to maximise the reach of your blog posts.

Here’s what we did for Hövding:

  • Updated press contacts
  • Added a list of Hövding’s external press contacts (that were not already in our database)
  • Tagged each blog post with relevant tags
  • Connected posts with related content to make users stay on the site for a longer time

See the whole case study presentation here: