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Communicators told us their stories at Marketing Week Live

Blog post   •   Jul 26, 2012 13:06 BST

We exhibited at Marketing Week Live where we ran a straw poll among PR and marketing professionals who visited our stand.

We wanted to find out how they tell their company's stories using their newsroom.

Participants slapped ‘yes’ & ‘no’ stickers on a series of questions, and the findings provided some interesting insights into how they are managing their digital communications.

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This was hardly a scientific survey since the results came from people who visited our stand, but in my opinion the findings underpin some common challenges faced by communicators daily. 

Two stats that jumped out at me were: 1) 79% of recipients who experience difficulties managing their media contacts, and 2) 43% who don't (or can't easily) measure traffic on their news content. Professional communicators are time-poor, and these stats show how processes suffer. 

79% of communicators said they could easily publish their news content, but I wonder if we'd rephrased the question to: "can you easily "self-publish" your news content on your website?" whether the percentage would have been lower?

From speaking to communicators daily, I know that often they rely on their tech guys, agencies or complicated web systems to manage their digital communications.

Is this the way it should be? Or would you prefer to take more control of your digital communications? At Mynewsdesk we think that technology should enable the comms pro to be more self-sufficent. 

Competition winner!

Those who participated in the survey at Marketing Week Live were entered into a prize draw to win a Premium social newsroom and a Kindle with some great marketing and communications books.

Congratulations to Lee Randell, Communications Manager at Systematic, who won these goodies! Lee says: “I was fascinated to see how Mynewsdesk made managing media activity so simple during a brief demo at Marketing Week Live. Of course, at a busy show you can never realise the full capabilities of what you see, so a fuller online demo after the show really did confirm to me how powerful this platform can really be.

"I was surprised but delighted to hear that Systematic had won the competition and, following a great online demo, I’m really excited at the opportunity to test drive Mynewsdesk over the next year.”

Systematic are currently populating their newsroom with content, so in the mean time please check out Costa Coffee's Mynewsdesk newsroom here or contact / 020 7029 5729 to recieve your demo.

/Benjamin van Leeuwen, @benjamin_vl                                                                                                                            Marketing at Mynewsdesk