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How to use Mynewsdesk to Identify and Engage Your Audience

Blog post   •   May 18, 2017 11:38 BST

Whilst a well-written press release or creative piece of content is key for coverage and shareability, if it’s irrelevant to the recipient then, essentially, it’s futile.

Understanding who makes up your audience is the first step to building and growing relationships to become a go-to resource and trusted content provider. Here, we take you through the ways Mynewsdesk can help you a) identify who your audience is b) truly understand their needs and interests and c) engage with them in a meaningful way.

Know your audience

A great place to start, when it comes to knowing your audience, is in the Contacts tool on the Mynewsdesk platform. From here you can delve into your contact email data to see, firstly, which of your content they’re opening/sharing, and secondly, which online channels (i.e., social) they use. Working with the Contacts tool will give you a better idea of what type of news they’re interested in and where they like to receive it.

To get a breakdown of what specific contacts in your network are interested in, simply click on their profile. Here you’ll see which social channels they’re linked to and a history of the content they’ve engaged with.

Segment your audience

Not everyone in your network is going to be interested in receiving the same content. Mynewsdesk lets you split your contacts into specific lists meaning you can send the most relevant content to the right people. Followers and subscribers to your Newsroom will also be notified when you’ve published new content, meaning they can keep abreast of your company news - if they choose to.

Analyse the performance of your content

Which pieces of content do your readers spend the most time on? What type gets shared the most? On which channels are people posting your stories? Arming yourself with the insights and answers to these questions can really help give you a deeper understanding, not only regarding what your audience wants but also where they want to find it.

With all of this information, you’ll be able to build a more accurate picture of your audience’s needs and interests and therefore tailor your future communications accordingly. To find out more, feel free to book a demo