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How we used graffiti to tell our story at the Digital Marketing Show

Blog post   •   Dec 06, 2013 15:30 GMT

On the 26th, 27th and 28th of November, the Mynewsdesk crew exhibited at the Digital Marketing Show among 6,150 attendees, 150 speakers and 91 other exhibitors.

As per the standard layout of these conferences, each exhibitor was given a boxed area on the busy conference floor to position their company in the best possible light.

We wanted to do something different that would stand out, intrigue and attract the flock of marketer attendees, whilst painting a good picture about who we are, what we do and why people should care. 

It was a great pleasure to partner with Graffiti Life - an elite team of professional artists who entertained our audiences with live art that depicted the Mynewsdesk story and brought our stand to life. 

Check out the stop motion video of our design's creation...

The story behind the design...

As you could see in the video, our Mynewsdesk newsroom was displayed centrally on the TV screen in the middle of the white blank canvas. From this stemmed 3 core concepts related to our platform:

  1. Multimedia content - "content is king" is a phrase I am sure every marketer will have heard on more than one occasion this year. The online newsroom showcases multimedia content beautifully in one search optimised space with the aim of serving both journalists with all the assets they need to write about your organisation (such as video, images, white papers, blogs, news releases and so on) as well as providing valuable content for your key influencers and stakeholders.
  2. Multichannel - the modern communicator not only has to juggle multimedia content production but also multiple channels and audiences. We wanted to depict the platform's simple syndication of content to multiple social media channels, the newsroom and key stakeholder groups via email, in one go. While at the same time, the pulling of social media conversations back into the newsroom, presenting a brands total media communications in one space.
  3. Real-time - today everyone’s a communicator and everyone’s a publisher. Brand's are hijacking stories on social media and responding in real time. The design intended to convey the speed of the Brand Newsroom Approach through live art.

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