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Inspiring Ways Brands Used Newsrooms In 2016

Blog post   •   Jan 25, 2017 08:25 GMT

2016 - not really a year we want to dwell on - but looking back at the content you created in your newsrooms was pretty flippin' inspiring. From perfectly timed blogs to shareable listicles and opinion pieces to jam-packed press releases, there's a lot to be learnt from you all. 

We pulled data on the top performing stories in terms of page visits and shares and have picked out a few of our favourites and why they did so well. Here we go...

HMRC's Timely Listicle

Ooh, there are few things in life that I love more than a listicle so HMRC really hit the nail on the head when they posted "Top 5 Questions For Self Assessment". This helpful piece answered HMRC's customers' most common queries in a neat, easy to digest, numbered list.

What's more, they timed the blog to perfection too, posting it just weeks before the self assessment deadline and capitalising on the inevitable surge in search queries relating to taxes. Just check out those January spikes every year for "HM Revenue and Customs". Nice!

Want to know when's best to post your evergreen content (by which we mean content that aligns with an annual / national event or date)? Check out Google Trends, whack in your search terms and Bob's your uncle.

Mondelēz Speaks-Out

23rd June is National Women In Engineering Day and Mondelēz International's Plant Director, Maria Pia De Caro, took to the brand's newsroom to speak about the need for "more female role models in the food and drink industry".

In Maria's blog she spoke about the common misperceptions and stereotypes associated with the industry and highlighted the positive challenges and experiences she's had in her position at Mondelēz - encouraging and inspiring other women to consider a career in engineering.

Not only is Maria's career incredibly awesome - but it also just goes to show the power of aligning your content to an existing event and using your newsroom as a platform for positive change.

Costa's Autumn Menu

Okay, so this was originally posted back in September 2013 but that didn't stop Costa's Autumn Menu release from resurfacing big time in 2016. Why? Probably because customers love nothing more than a seasonal slurp! And with such tempting treats such as the Toffee Nut Caramella and Pumpkin Gingerbreads, who wouldn't want to share such wonderful news?! 

I digress. Let's take it back to digital PR and marketing: there are two lessons to be learnt here:

1. Understand your audience and address their needs - people were clearly searching the web for Costa's Autumnal bevvies.

2. Recycle what you've already got - where possible, update old content to reflect your latest news. You're busy people! Your customers are happy, you save time - it's win win. 

So, Thank you, Costa, for your services - you make many a commuter's day that little bit better. Read and drool over Costa's Autumn menu here.

BANG & OLUFSEN - Press Release Pros

Just like me and my love of listicles, techie and music fans alike get pretty excited by snazzy new ways to blast out tunes. And that's probably why B&O's story on BeoPlay S3 bluetooth speaker made it into the top 10 newsroom press releases of 2016.

Crammed with features, design specs, pricing and the product's backstory, the B&O press release provided all the information that music, tech and entertainment journalists could possibly need to cover the story.

Remember - journalists are constantly receiving press releases so make sure yours is ready with all of the relevant information. They're far more likely to share your story if it's easy for them to repurpose. 

So, reckon you've got a story to tell well? Pop in your details in here and let's see how we can spark your brand's positive change in 2017...