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#Mynewsnight Takeaways!

Blog post   •   Jun 10, 2013 12:20 BST

Look, a visual pun!

This is a tear off take away which relates to our blog on #Mynewsnight Content Wars.  It's a checklist to help you create the best content to tell your brand's story.

  •  Work across teams
    • Collaborate internally across teams and share results. Remember that your best ambassadors can be your colleagues
    •  Give your colleagues an easy way to share and generate content
  •  Social Media Campaigns
    • Approach competitions with care: don’t focus as much on numbers as quality of interaction
    • Keep it simple. Bear in mind what works: exclusives, concise wording, pictures and clear actions
    • Remember that social media interaction works best when teamed with face to face. Try Twitter parties!
    • Deal with negative sentiment on social media as you would in any other channel: before dealing with comment, first figure out why it was said
    • Try new things, it’s the only way to learn social
    • Play with timings as much as themes- you may be surprised
    • Bear in mind the real-time nature of social. Don’t pre-plan too much or you’ll come across as inauthentic
    •  Effective campaigns can directly increase sales. Execution is key
    • While not all activity is measurable in tangible results, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. They can help you stay front of mind
    • Engage with bloggers using Twitter by encouraging them to share with their followers. Often simple strategies are the most effective
    • Start by thinking about your audience’s behaviors. Bear in mind that it can be more effective to join existing conversations than start new ones.
  • Storytelling
    • Dynamic stories relate to people on a humanistic level. We crave witty content.
    • Find your porn: what turns your audience on
    • Remember we are image obsessed and our attention spans are shorter than ever: Snapchat being valued at 1 billion demonstrates this. Think of your content as a transient moment; how are you going to create brand entry in these competing moments
    • Re-imagine what you already know:  the press release doesn’t have to be prescriptive. In fact, it shouldn’t!
    • Don’t be lazy: meaningless quotes, pat on the back phrasing kills content
    • Be relevant. Get your subject line right. Don’t use attachments. Build a relationship. Include links. Put it online
    • Traditional media is still relevant and important. Coverage means more eyeballs that drive synapses and creates brand entry
    • Know your themes, create content around this, promote the hell out of it then measure your results
  • Think like a publisher, not like a marketer:
    • Publishers look for the best possible content to drive their ad revenue. Increase value and the revenue will follow.
    • Interact with other stories: content curators like Huffington Post challenging the old guard with visual and digital content
    • Distracting people from the daily grind works. 
    • Newsrooms package content which package stories and sell your brand
    • Don’t forget the element of surprise in building memorable moments
    • Big budgets should be fought for. But money doesn’t guarantee scale, it’s about sincerity.