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Newsroom Best Practices blog: some review session tips and tricks!

Blog post   •   Mar 11, 2015 14:26 GMT

Dear Customers (past, present, and future),

We are excited to re-launch our customer success blog to help all our customers learn how best to utilise and capitalise the amazing space that is their newsrooms. We will be going over content ideas, sharing strategies, SEO tricks and tips, support tools, and many other useful and mind blowing ideas.

To start, let me introduce myself. My name is Angela and I am the newest member of the UK customer success team. I am here to help Heather and Emilia with your newsrooms. So, any questions, queries or suggestions you might have, please give me a shout. I hope to be in touch with all of you at some point, because getting to know customers is kind of one of my favourite things. It is that endearing, yet cheesy American bred, love of customer service that gets me all excited!

After going to many review sessions, I have decided to touch on a few points that you might want to revisit or think about!

Think about the content you are putting out there.  Here are some ideas to jazz up your content!

1. Facebook Newsroom

You saw the application, how it works, where is it displayed, but come again? Hosting your Newsroom on Facebook is just another way for YOUR customers and press contacts to interact with you. It is another way from them to check out your news. Nowadays people interact with their B2C audiences through social media, so it would seem logical to reach out to your audience through this platform. They are able to opt in, and if they click through, it just brings that traffic back to you! It is a win-win really!

2. Connecting your channels (these are different than your feeds)

Channels go out, feeds come in. When you activate your channels, you are creating an option to publish your news, press release, blog post, video, or image to your channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Wordpress, YouTube). You will need to activate these channels, by going to Newsroom Tab----Channels. Then to publish to these channels you can select the channel at the end of your content and POOF.

3. Tags

When you release content, we recommend you tag it. Make sure it is relevant to your content, unique and understandable. Each post should have 3-7 tags; anymore or any less will tell Google not to take notice.

Highlighted tags are a way to put your content into folders. If there are different areas of the business that has different content related to it. It can be an easy way for your customers to go to the content they are interested in.

4. Events

Add events you are hosting or attending under the events tab. It is a great way to link to signups for events and let people know what you are getting involved with. Also, you can add under a Twitter feed the hashtag for the event. That way there will be a feed on the the newsroom with everyone talking about the event!

5. Support - we are here to help you

There are many different ways to find the answers you are looking for or if you need a bit of assistance.

  • Support page: Here you can enter in questions you are looking for. Also, under the popular feedback section where it is labelled “see more”, you can click there to go to our help forum. There you can search other posts and interact with other Mynewsdesk users.
  • “Chat with us” option: Our support team is on online from 8am to 4pm GMT to help with your question. You can ask them your questions and they will answer immediately.
  • Call our office at 020 7029 5794 we are by the phone from 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, to help answer your questions or just have a chat.
  • Email us at uk(at) or angela.lacey(at) You can also contact your account managers, Heather and Emilia, to set up review sessions, consultative support and have a chat! They are the absolute best!

Get in touch whenever, wherever (we’re meant to be together)! Heather, Emilia and I love to hear your thoughts, ideas and questions. You can start by booking a review session with us!

Over and out,