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​PR & Marketing Jargon: Decoded

Blog post   •   Mar 25, 2015 10:47 GMT

For the times when actual words just won’t suffice, here are our favourite crimes against the English language from the world of PR and marketing!

“User-friendly” – so simple even your aged dog could find its way to the checkout.

“Outreach” / “reach out” – futilely sending a mass of generic emails in the hope that someone will respond/do what you want them to.

"Deliverables" - a piece of content. Please just say that.

"Align with" - jump on a bandwagon/existing trend and run with it!

"Influencer" - someone who's going to spread the word about you...preferably for free...please!

“Groundbreaking” – an earth-shattering, world-changing product. Or just a new feature…

“Learnings” – because “lessons learned” is too much of a mouthful.

“Leverage” – use and abuse your connections.

“Low-hanging fruit” ­– quick and embarrassingly easy wins.

“Easy wins” a small achievement that pretty much counts for nothing.

“Capitalise on” squeezing every last drop out of something, however menial.

“Conversation calendar” – a catch-up between two calendars…is not what this means. It’s just a schedule of social media posts. Call it that.

“End user” – the customer.

“Going forward” because going backwards in marketing campaigns doesn’t seem to work.

“Boost” – to throw money at something and pray that it works, for the sake of your relationship with the finance department!

“Prosumer” – Oh this is no ordinary consumer, oh no! This is a professional consumer…Yes, really.

"Pitch" - convincing people that you and your ideas are a-mazing

"Crisis Comms" - your plan of action for when it hits the fan

“Buzzword” ahh buzzword, the word that encapsulates all of the above. The word that, with each new wave of buzzwords, never seems to go away. Buzzword.