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Readers beware...the scariest PR stunts await

Blog post   •   Oct 31, 2013 14:58 GMT

To get into the spirit of Hallowe’en we thought we’d share with you our favourite creepy PR stunts and social media campaigns.  

Painting with poltergeists

If you’re competing in a crowded market or your product is not very exciting, it can be challenging to think of ways to make your brand stand out but it is essential that you do so. Ultra Spec 500 paint claim that their product does a “scary good job, scary fast” but I don’t think these painters believed it would be quite so terrifying. 

What would you do?

Imagine waiting in an airport terminal ready for your flight and you notice your face on the front of a newspaper with the headline calling for your immediate arrest. Next thing your face appears on a breaking news segment before you’re approached by two security guards…

Nivea pulled this prank on unsuspecting German travelers to launch their Stress Protect Deodrant. This stunt is both clever and genuinely terrified their chosen victims.  

Deliciously deviant

Once again we take our hat off to Oreo and their horror movie inspired Vines. My personal favourite is The Exortwist. 

The Exortwist

The Shining


A terrifying twist 

Vending machines have been used in countless PR stunts and campaigns by some of the world's biggest brands including the likes of Coca-Cola. However, Kellogg's put a spooky spin on this to launch their  "Mallowe'en" and "Totally Shocklatey" Rice Krispie Squares

It will make your coffee run cold

To promote the movie remake of Stephen King's Carrie one of the scariest secret camera PR stunts was created.  

What are friends for? 

If you're twisted like me then you'll love the chance to scare your friends shitless by nominating them to be 'fright mobbed" thanks to this awesome campaign by Morphsuits. All you had to do was nominate your friend on Twitter using the hashtag #FrightMobMyMate

So what's your favourite creepy PR campaign? Please post them in the comments below!