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Blog post   •   Nov 08, 2013 09:00 GMT

With Mynewsdesk, you can now automatically share news releases, blog entries, images, and videos on your company’s LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn has become an essential platform for people wanting to maintain business relationships with their peers in a particular industry or profession.

As well as having an effective starting point for job seeking, LinkedIn users can also follow specific companies, join relevant groups, receive updates directly in their feed, and share those ideas with key people.

Naturally, companies are drawn to this professional network as they can share news and engage directly with their followers. Therefore, Mynewsdesk has implemented LinkedIn as a channel, allowing customers to upload selected content to their company’s LinkedIn page as soon as it’s published in their newsroom.

How to Add LinkedIn as a Channel
The following steps should be carried out by the administrator of your company’s LinkedIn page:

  1. Log in to Mynewsdesk.
  2. Under the Newsroom tab, click Channels.
  3. Activate the LinkedIn channel.
  4. Enter your LinkedIn login details.
  5. Authorize the Mynewsdesk app.

You can now seamlessly share stories on LinkedIn. Just check the LinkedIn box when publishing any new material in your Mynewsdesk newsroom.

This feature update was created in response to requests from our customers. We’d love to hear more suggestions and feedback from you. Login to Mynewsdesk and navigate to Mynewsdesk Support. Then click share an idea. Your ideas will be sent directly to our product development team at the Mynewsdesk HQ.

About LinkedIn
Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is a social networking site with around 259 million members in over 200 countries. In contrast to other networks like Facebook, LinkedIn focuses more on the professional relationships between its users.

LinkedIn member profiles include information like past work experience, skills, and qualifications. Users can join industry-specific groups or actively search for employment opportunities, while companies can engage directly with their followers through designated company pages.

If you have any questions regarding this or anything else about our services - don't hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Success Team: 

Fia Eiworth;, tel: 020 7029 5701 or
Heather Sophia Athie;, tel: 0207 029 5782

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