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That time you let a Glaswegian into the office

Blog post   •   May 17, 2013 16:08 BST

Hello everyone! 

My name is Laura and I’ve been the marketing intern at Mynewsdesk for the last week.  I’m originally from Glasgow in Scotland but I’ve spent the last year studying my Masters in International PR and Global Communications Management at Cardiff University.  

I started my internship the Monday after my final assessments were due so I really didn’t have time to feel nervous.  I was more worried about finding the office on time, the London Underground is still a very scary and confusing place for me!

I needn’t have felt nervous anyway.  The whole Mynewsdesk team are incredibly welcoming and if I had any questions they were more than happy to help me out.  

Although everybody seems to be incredibly busy all of the time, the atmosphere in the office is really laid back.  There are hilarious pictures on the wall of staff days out such as the Treasure Hunt and a night out bowling.  There is also a really cool chill out zone with huge beanbags, TV and the Mynewsdesk Mascot - Fredrik the Follower.  You can even follow him on twitter @FollowFredrik.

It wasn’t clear to me until I arrived what exactly Mynewsdesk is.  However, after the team explained to me what Mynewsdesk provide for their clients it was easy for me to see exactly how this would fit in with the everyday working activities of PR practitioners.

Just thinking about what was involved in our team projects at university and the work I undertook during internships in PR firms, the tools Mynewsdesk provides would have made everything so much easier.  

What I have learned so far is that Mynewsdesk is a tool which makes it very simple for brands to control all of their communications from one platform.  Whether that be press releases, blogs or multimedia content.  Furthermore you can manage all of your contacts, monitor conversations which occur across the web and analyse how effective your communications have been so you can adapt and develop them to better suit your target audience. Therefore, it makes it easier for PR teams to work together, keep consistency across all of their content and improve it at the same time.

Anyway, it’s almost time for my first ever fika with the Mynewsdesk team so I’ll wrap it up here.

Thank you so much Mynewsdesk team, I’m looking forward to seeing what next week has in store for me!