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The next generation newsroom has landed

Blog post   •   May 30, 2013 16:03 BST

To keep up with the rapidly evolving media landscape and changes in digital comms, mobile and web design, we've developed the next generation newsroom for you to effectively tell your stories and engage with your audiences online. 

Our next gen newsroom is the result of a 9-month labour of love, as just like you we're constantly developing to keep pace with digital comms best practice. So we've listened to the feedback from our customers and our community of journalists on what they're looking for in a newsroom and how Mynewsdesk could improve.

Earlier this year we researched how the top 100 global brands are using newsrooms to tell their stories. We found a lot to admire, but also a lot that could be improved upon. We are now confident our next gen newsroom can compete with the best of the best. But it's what you think that counts...

So from 3 June we're inviting you to try it out for yourself.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

In this overly communicated world it’s imperative that brands tell their stories as clearly and consistently as possible. Our new, clean design reflects this and makes it more intuitive for your target audience to access all of your stories in one place.

Multimedia - storytelling in the modern world

Our new design also emphasises the ever-increasing importance of multimedia content in the storytelling process.  

Brands must adapt their communications to suit online journalistic and blogging practices which demand more images and multimedia content, on demand.

Changeable habits demand a responsive design

The way in which we consume content has also evolved. We expect to be able to instantaneously access information from whatever device is to hand. Online newsrooms must adapt to mobile, tablet and laptop without losing either their effectiveness or aesthetic appeal.  

You are currently reading this post from inside our responsive newsroom. Why not try viewing it on a different device? Do you like what you see?

So how do I get it?

If you're already a Mynewsdesk customer, from 3 June when you log in you will see a banner on your dashboard letting you know that the new design is available for you to view, and, when you are ready, switch over to.

If you're using a Mynewsdesk "Hosted Newsroom" (ie if it's on your own website) and you'd like to switch over, just get in touch with Heather on and she'll talk you through it.

If you aren't a Mynewsdesk customer and you'd like a demo, we'd love to show what our all-in-one newsroom and PR platform can do for you. Give us a call on 020 7029 5785 or email

We really hope you love our new design. Please let us know what you think.