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The Power Of Brand Advocates

Blog post   •   Mar 27, 2015 11:16 GMT

A brand advocate can be invaluable and they can be anyone – a social user who positively tweets about you or an existing client who recommends your services to others. And when it comes to brand advocates and influencers, the age-old phrase “quality over quantity” rings true; it is not necessarily about the size of your fan-base but instead the quality of those people. Who are they? What do they represent? And what could they do for you?

We reveal exactly why we love brand advocates…

1. Advocates are happy to share their story

There are few things more powerful than real life, first-hand experiences, and what better way to showcase them than through the medium of film?

Fred Olsen, a cruise liner specialising in trips to Europe, took to the camera to describe their needs for a newsroom and share their positive results and experiences with Mynewsdesk.

Key takeout: Get your clients behind the camera. Live testimonials are likely to have a greater impact than written ones.

2. Advocates are free

It’s true – the best things in life are free.

While some brands may enlist the help of high-profile bloggers and celebrities to promote their product or service, we truly believe that an authentic review is much more reliable. So whether you incentivise reviews or simply encourage them by offering a flawless service, the free ones always feel the most satisfying!

3. Advocates are more valuable than your sales team

Well maybe not  our super sales team!

Of course, brand advocates are invaluable for you but they’re also useful to others who are looking for a similar service or considering giving your company a go. Give them a reason to bleat about you and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

4. Advocates will recommend you to others

See, one thing we've learnt in our 12+ years of existence is that a brand advocate doesn't necessarily have to be a current client, it could be a supplier, employee or someone you've worked with. And that's exactly how we came to acquire L'oreal - a journalist who'd previously worked with both L'oreal and Mynewsdesk recommended us to the make-up giants, and the rest is history... 

Key takeout: Nurture and maintain each and every relationship you forge, you never know what could come of it…

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