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The red engine revs on...

Blog post   •   Mar 20, 2015 14:45 GMT

At the heart of our success is our innovative PR and communications platform that is now used by over 60,000 communicators worldwide.

By spreading over 270,000 stories in 2014, we helped our customers earn the enthusiasm their brands deserve through effective storytelling.

We’re also proud to have launched the very popular Social Innovation programme that helped even more organisations create awareness and attention for their cause.

Mynewsdesk 2014 Year In Review Social Innovation.png

A tremendous amount of effort was put in by the heart of our company, it’s employees, to deliver fantastic results and have a lot of fun whilst doing it. In addition, the Stockholm headquarters has acquired a nice number of new tattoos to help brighten our day!Mynewsdesk 2014 Year In Review Tattoos.png

All this hard work resulted in a record year, which was fuelled by a staggering amount of fika (coffee) breaks!

Check out what we did, and how we did in 2014!

Mynewsdesk 2014 Year In Review.png


We gathered some frivolous stats about Mynewsdesk UK's last year

  • 110,550 floors climbed in the office lift
  • 800 pints sank at our local pub...hic!
  • 730 hours walking our pets
  • 150 (cold) bagels consumed at Monday team breakfasts
  • 14 pairs of red shoes owned
  • 11 languages spoken in the office
  • 1 banana phobia...yes you read correctly