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Top of the PR Pops: 2015's Best Bits

Blog post   •   Jan 07, 2016 10:41 GMT

From the stars of social media to the campaigns that caused a stir, we take a look at our favourite stunts and ads from 2015.

Coca-Cola: One Brand

Fizzy pop giants Coca-Cola shook-up their marketing strategy in 2015, introducing a “one brand” approach. The shift saw the brand market its four variants – Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life – as one, underneath the master brand, rather than supporting each with separate campaigns.

Their strapline "Open Happiness" evolved to "Choose Happiness" in a bid to encourage customers to make more informed choices and suggest that there's a Coca-Cola to suit every taste.

Their new strategy was used across TV advertising, as well as in their sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup.

And it looks like the marketing shift has paid off - thus far – with initial figures showing a sales increase by 1.46% (in the UK). But let’s see if Coca-Cola can keep the fizz alive…

Protein World: Are You Beach Body Ready?

Because any PR is good PR...right? Apparently it is for Protein World.

Protein World's first ATL campaign, which saw bright yellow posters of scantily clad women, emblazoned with the slogan "Are you beach body ready?", caused somewhat of a uproar. 

The ad, which promoted the brand's slimming product, received over 370 ASA complaints and over 40,000 signatures on a petition calling for the ad to be removed from London's underground stations. Commuters also took pens to the posters, defacing the ads with the hashtag #EachBodysReady.

And Protein World didn't take too kindly to the criticism, responding with some pretty low blows...

But their CEO, Arjun Seth, wrote that “sales tripled and the PR department got their bonus” while the brand has defiantly re-tweeted numerous offensive tweets about its body image. 

Whether you agree with their tactics or not, they succeeded in boosting brand awareness and coverage.

Sport England: This Girl Can

I loved this campaign for so so many reasons, but mostly because I found it to be pretty darn empowering and inspiring! 

Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign hit the airwaves in January 2015 showing REAL women exercising. The campaign was born out of insight which showed that 75% of women say they would like to exercise more, but refrain from doing so due to a fear of judgement.

The campaign gained industry-wide recognition, winning nine Cannes Lions and Joseph being named ‘Marketer of the year’ at this year’s Masters of Marketing awards.

Sainsbury's: Mog's Christmas Calamity

And last but by no means least, my favourite - Mog.

Running a CGI version of Judith Kerr's fictional feline character, Mog, Sainsbury's festive campaign saw the cat clumsily spoil Christmas by setting fire to the family's home. Thankfully, however, the fire service and neighbours come to the rescue bearing gifts and food. The slogan was "Christmas is for Sharing" after all... 

Much like the previous year, the campaign supported Save The Children, with proceeds of Kerr's book going to the charity. 

So now we're left wondering what 2016 has in store for us. And hey, maybe this time next year we'll be talking about your campaign. And maybe it was all kick-started in your brand newsroom...