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​What Can We Learn From YOUR Newsrooms?

Blog post   •   Jul 20, 2015 11:58 BST

Everyday we see our customers using their newsrooms in creative and wonderful ways, reaching wider audiences and generating the impressive levels of coverage that their content deserves – so it’s about time we gave credit where credit’s due!

Here are some of the key stats and take-out tips from our customers’ newsrooms in June:

Mobile Friendly Sites Are A Must

Three of the top 10 newsrooms (Met PoliceShazam and Norweigan Airlines UK) saw over 42% of their traffic coming through mobile devices, last month. Now that’s a pretty staggering figure to digest and just goes to show how important a mobile friendly site is.As we’ve known for a few months, websites need to be mobile friendly in order to boost their Google rankings, and this is no different for newsrooms. Mynewsdesk is mobile responsive, so if a brand’s site is too then so will their newsroom.

Know Who & Where Your Audience Are

The highest performing newsrooms had an average of 1,713 contacts in their database, but interestingly, the best performing stories were only distributed to an average of 354 of those.

As an organisation, it is essential that you not only know who your audience are but also which content is most relevant to which groups within them. Not everything will be of interest to everyone. Targeting is key.

Social Sharing Is An Essential Tool For Storytelling

While it may seem obvious, in this day in age, exploiting your content on social media is the way forward! And yet few communicators are fully utilising their social media channels. With Facebook organic reach (for brand pages) heading towards 0% on Facebook, influencer and individual sharing may well be the way forward.

Looking at the top 10 customer newsrooms, stories were shared on average 400 times with Facebook taking 69% of total shares. This perhaps comes as no real surprise, given that Facebook provides an excellent platform from which to share visually compelling content, thus making engaging more likely, so accompanying your blogs, news and press releases with images and videos is a great way to help your posts stand-out in consumers’ timelines.

11 Is The Magic Number In Headlines

Our top stories had an average of 11 words in their headline – some had as many as 19! The key to an attention-grabbing headline is to contain the most interesting information in the catchiest of tones. But more importantly, have an understanding of what type of information and titles that make your audience click.