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What was the best PR of 2012?

Blog post   •   Dec 24, 2012 16:25 GMT

We asked you to tweet us your best examples of PR and communications in 2012. Here's what you said...

@katiemoffat went for Richard Branson's £1m bet to BA

@JeremySinger1 praised the Bodyform spoof video which went mega viral.

@dannywhatmough gave props to Starbucks for their handling of tax avoidance criticism.

@joemcnamara8 said O2 deserved credit for their social media response to network outages.

@ClarkiePR felt the prize had to go to the Obama campaign that delivered 4 more years for the president.

But Mynewsdesk declared the overall winner, voted for by @emilymorris44, @JemerySinger1 and @KayleneWSmith......

Red Bull's Felix Baumgartner space jump!

Mightily meteoric PR.

Emily, Jeremy and Kaylene were all rewarded with a signed copy of PR legend Robert Leaf's new book, The Art of Perception. Definitely worth checking out.

So which brilliant PR from 2012 have we neglected to mention? Let us know in the comments below...