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Why Should A Brand Have A Blog?

Blog post   •   Jul 10, 2015 11:43 BST

I have never really written a blog before. In fact, I have shied away from it for quite some time, and yet I talk about it with clients on a regular basis. I understand the values, the reasoning and how it can help a brand. So it got me thinking, maybe my first blog should be based around just that - why should a brand have a blog?


Competition is tough. There are many businesses competing in the same space, so giving your brand the edge is important.

A blog on a specific subject area can help you be regarded as the experts in your field. If people have used your content and knowledge in the past, then when they need a service, they’re more likely to come to you to do business. Be that source of information!

Brand perception

People buy from brands they like and trust and a blog can really you help you develop your brand ‘personality’. Consumers/clients are far more likely to buy from a company who shares more than just product related content. For instance, imagine there are two businesses with identical products; brand A only has product related content on their site whereas brand B shares stories of their staff, culture, business and industry news. Which one are you more likely to buy from?

Employee engagement

Your staff are your biggest asset - use them wisely. They have knowledge, experience, opinions and their own audiences (especially on social media), and allowing your employees to use your brand as a platform from which to discuss the product and industry can really help raise the profile of your company.


There is a lot of talk about ‘Pandas’ and ‘Penguins’ with regards to Google and SEO. Of course, leave the technical stuff to the developers, but in reality what Google wants is for you to act like a human. Produce content that people want to read. Make it factual, make it informative and make it relevant to your audience and the rankings will speak for themselves.


I have touched on it a few times here, but it is something all businesses have to do, make money! By having an engaging, informative and active blog, you can help your brand grow. If people are coming to your blog, you increase the chances of them directing to other areas of your business.