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Why Your Brand Content Is Struggling & How To Fix It

Blog post   •   Nov 16, 2017 13:00 GMT

Brand content is vital to building a relationship with customers, but a lot of brand content fails to engage audiences. Journalists and PR professionals recognize that brand content is often too self-serving, but don’t always know how to solve the problem. The recent Mynewsdesk report provides insight into the reasons why brand content does not succeed in forming connections with customers.

Why Does Brand Content Fail?

In the Mynewsdesk report, journalists and PR professionals identify key problems with in-house and PR content. The main issue with both types of content is that it is too self-serving. Communicators often try too hard to make a sale, which can alienate audiences. Also, PR professionals complained that brands don’t take risks, which can lead to boring content. These are all reasons why brand content fails to make the connections that PR professionals hope for.

The Role of Brand Content

Only 43.83 percent of journalists around the world believe that companies can supplement news media by publishing engaging stories. Journalists in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland are more likely than those in Scandinavia and DACH countries to agree that brands can produce engaging supplemental content. However, even Anglophone regions are skeptical about the role of brand content in modern media.

Obstacles Facing Companies Producing Brand Content

According to journalists, the main reason why brand content fails is that it is too self-serving. This content does not succeed in offering enough value to the intended audience. More than half of journalists think non-media communicators are always looking to sell something, which puts off many consumers. Another problem is that companies often lack journalistic discipline when producing their branded content. Too many of them fail to seek outside sources to back up the claims in their content. Seeking outside expertise is essential for brands that want to inspire trust in their audiences.

Is Your Brand Content Engaging Enough?

According to PR professionals, too many brands fail to take enough risks with their content. It can lead to uninteresting content that doesn’t tell engaging stories or present a fresh point of view. In a crowded marketplace, brands need to try harder to stand out from their competitors.

Understanding and Reaching Your Audience

According to almost 23% of brand communicators and over 8% of journalists, brands are not good at understanding their audience. Brand content can only be effective when it meets the needs of customers, so understanding their problems and interests is essential. Brands also need to know how to distribute their content effectively. Nearly three in 10 brand communicators say that brands don’t know how to distribute their content, which limits their ability to engage with their audiences. Today there are many options for brands to get in touch with their customers and potential customers, ranging from social media to search engine marketing. Brands need to navigate this complex landscape and find ways to reach out to audiences on the platforms where they spend time online.

How to Turn Around Failing Brand Content

If your brand content is failing to deliver the results you hoped it would achieve, you need to take action to produce and distribute more engaging content. The Mynewsdesk report gives information that could help you with creating and distributing content that can successfully promote your brand.