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The online newsroom: the heart of your storytelling strategy

Once upon a time the “press page” was a dull list of text-only press releases hidden at the back of an organisation’s website. Often forgotten and uninspiring. Mynewsdesk has transformed this neglected space into a vibrant hub of multimedia content and social media channels which will enhance yet simplify your communications strategy...

What is a digital or social media newsroom?

Documents   •   Nov 01, 2011 20:40 GMT

This presentation shows shortly what a digital/online newsroom is, its elements and at the same time explain why a company should invest in increasing its visability with a social media newsroom. Examples from Cisco's Network and Scania etc. The next step for your digital pr?

In this presentation we will give you a few tips and trix on how to get started with your content marketing strategy, what content your company can produce (or might already do) and how to share it online to increase the engagement and interest from leads and potenial customers. Presentation by @charlotteulvros, CMCO Mynewsdesk

Social Media Newsroom - A Snapshot of Your Brand

5 ways to turn your online pressroom into a Social Media Newsroom