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Robert Rose's Master Class: A Content Marketer's Dream (19th June)

News   •   May 11, 2015 11:25 BST

On Friday 19 th June, Robert Rose will be in town for an exclusive UK master class, and as a content marketer, I’m pretty excited.

Now, Robert Rose is something of a legend in the content marketing industry - don't you know?! He’s an author, a chief strategy officer (at CMI) and an all-round inspiring thought-leader. He's a man at the top of the content game, essentially!

I first met Mr Rose at Mynewsnight, a warm-up event to FutureComms15. He spoke to the room (via Skype from his home in California) about the ways in which the landscape of PR and content is evolving and the skills and metrics we need to keep-up. And that resonated with me; sometimes it can feel like a bit of a struggle to keep-up with the changes and to endlessly create new, creative ideas that’ll generated interest, shares, reach, engagements and leads (you get the gist!).

Robert Rose is hot on the concept of brand storytelling and that's left me wondering, what story can we (as a brand) tell? Who will it be of interest to? And what will success look like – how is that determined? It’ll be interesting to hear Robert's analysis of the industry (during FutureComms15) and then have him help us put these into practice during the master class.

Robert’s flying over from the USA especially for us (and wow, are we honoured!?) so this really is a one-off opportunity to meet the man himself and learn from his years of expertise. What's more, the master class holds only 30 people so this really will be an up-close and personal learning environment, giving us all the perfect chance to pick Robert's content marketing brain!

From brand storytelling to building audience personas, Robert Rose will be showing us how to measure, monitor and improve every aspect of your content marketing strategy. I for one will be coming armed with a pen, paper (well, probably an iPad) and a whole host of questions to help shape and improve my own content marketing efforts! 

For more information about tickets and the agenda, go to:

Hope to see you there!


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