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Integrating social media into cross channel strategies discussed during #SMWF Europe [video]

News   •   Mar 19, 2013 08:03 GMT

We partnered with #SMWF Europe, the social media marketing conference as a Silver sponsor.

Our team will be exhibiting 18-19th March at The Brewery, London to discuss how Mynewsdesk's all-in-one newsroom and multimedia PR platform fits within this ever evolving media landscape.

On the first day of SMWF, newly appointed Mynewsdesk CMO, Adam Cranfield, joined a panel to discuss integrating social media into cross channel strategies alongside Simon Nicholson, Social Media Manager @Honda Motor Europe and Heidi Myers, Marketing Communications from @Meltwater.

Key points discussed:

Adam says "brands are beginning to act like publications; Red Bull is an extreme example of this with their multi-million pound, in-house, media house.

"One definite trend for almost all brands is the greater focus on content. They're competing with media publications for people's attention and time, so start to adopt similar approaches to storytelling online.

"A key finding from recent research suggests that the top 100 global brands are lacking quality media areas on their websites with 40-51% forgetting to provide the most basic video and image libraries."

Watch the full event video here...

(If you can't see the above video in your email, please watch on YouTube here).

#SMWF @Mynewsdesk_UK

Running order:

  • How does social fit within an integrated media plan? 
  • How do different social platforms fit together and with more traditional media? 
  • Embedding social into everything you do – how important is this, and how do you create a marketing strategy that fulfils this ideal? 
  • Examining new trends and platforms in social and how to evaluate where you should focus your efforts How do you actively link social elements into return on investment metrics? 

/@Benjamin_vl, Marketing at Mynewsdesk