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Journalists from BBC, The Telegraph and Dagens Nyheter discuss PR on the 25th of may

News   •   May 18, 2018 09:30 BST

More than 1500 PR professionals and communicators have already signed up for the Mynewsdesk journalist webinar on May 25th. The panel will include journalists Maddy Savage, Oliver Gee, and Edgar Mannheimer - and be led by Mynewsdesk CMO Jonathan Bean.

The panel will discuss the most crucial points affecting every brand communicator working with media outreach. How can journalists and brands work better together? There will be an entertaining session with lots of different, maybe even conflicting, points of views. The webinar will take place on May 25th, at 11:30-12:00 CEST.

Questions for the panel to tackle:

  • What frustrates you about the way PRs pitch stories?
  • Are any brands publishing high editorial-quality content?
  • Are journalists open to the idea of working with brands?
  • What’s your outlook on journalism and the media landscape?

Guest Panelists

Maddy Savage
Maddy has reported for the UK and global TV news programmes and anchored BBC World Service radio shows reaching 50 million people a week. Based in Stockholm since 2014, she is currently a freelance journalist for media including BBC, Monocle, Time Out and NPR, focussing on Swedish business, current affairs and lifestyle trends.

Oliver Gee
Australian-born Oliver Gee has been covering Europe as a journalist from Stockholm and Paris since 2011. He currently hosts The Earful Tower podcast, and freelances for The Local Europe and The Telegraph.

Edgar Mannheimer
Edgar has worked for Sveriges Radio and SVT, has done freelance work for BuzzFeed News, and currently works for Dagens Nyheter as a political reporter. He is also a reporter for Mundus International, doing translations of Swedish news stories into English. 

Register for the webinar here!