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Learn Digital PR Quickly With Mynewsdesk

News   •   Nov 15, 2016 15:17 GMT

Mynewsdesk has just launched the Digital PR Academy, a free online certification course, available to everyone. With on-demand videos and practical study guides, communicators can now easily understand the world of digital PR and become quickly acquainted with new emerging trends and tools.

Students from Berghs School of Communication have been the first to test the Digital PR Academy and provide feedback. They focused on content, user experience and ideas for how to create additional value for today's professionals seeking online learning resources in the future.

“For people looking to get a quick overview of digital PR, the Academy is an excellent entry point, covering many of the areas that most new communicators will need to handle,” said Vincent Goodbrand, a student studying PR at Berghs School of Communication.

Mynewsdesk has launched the Academy to cover five key areas of communications. The project team has developed them into five modules, each containing a study guide and quiz. By taking a final exam that tests overall knowledge, participants can become certified in Digital PR.

The first five modules are:

  1. The art of storytelling in PR: How to define and create your brand story
  2. Creating influence: From media relations to influencer relations.
  3. Distribution: How new and emerging approaches can help you to reach your audience.
  4. Is your PR working?: How to use data to measure the impact of your PR efforts.
  5. The value of visual PR: How to tell better stories through visual content.

"Many small business owners find themselves in a situation where they have to manage a business and strive to be a professional communicator and marketer all at the same time - this can be indeed overwhelming. We, therefore, created the Academy to help guide SMBs in their communication efforts," said Mattias Malmström, CEO.

Businesses of all sizes and communicators across every experience level can struggle in an ever-changing digital landscape. "Experienced communications professionals have to deliver and meet challenging organizational objectives, proving the worth of their department to the overall business, and keep up-to-date with new technologies, workflows, principles and communication trends to remain relevant," said Jonathan Bean, CMO. "This is a tough environment."

>>Check out Mynewsdesk's PR Academy here<<

Mynewsdesk will continue to develop the Academy, adding more hands-on courses and in-depth tutorials to assist communicators with their respective challenges. The team is also welcoming suggestions! If there is a topic, tool, or area of communications you would like us to address, please feel free to contact us on