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Moray Council Gets Coverage Within Minutes Of Using Mynewsdesk Newsroom

News   •   Aug 27, 2015 17:18 BST

Moray Council launched an interactive “virtual” newsroom as part of its website redesign. Within minutes their story was covered. Here's how it panned out and how the brand newsroom approach came up trumps..

Why the newsroom approach?

Moray Council needed a smarter space for visitors and journalists to access their content, and they wanted their images and videos to be downloaded and shared freely without any copyright issues. Furthermore, they wanted to improve their communications and engagement with local residents.

How the newsroom came into play...

Mynewsdesk's newsroom technology fulfilled the council's requirements, including being  mobile-optimised and SEO friendly. 

Moray Council adopted the brand newsroom approach to host and distribute press releases, news stories, images, blogs and videos, allowing viewers to see first-hand the council’s latest news. All content and media items will now be consolidated in the newsroom, allowing viewers to see first-hand the council’s latest news.

“Moray is well-served by our local press,” the council’s communications officer, Peter Jones, says. “What this newsroom does is provide a platform that allows people better and easier access to what the council believes to be newsworthy or interesting, and they can comment or ask questions too.”

And the results...

Peter Jones, Comms Manager at Moray Council, emailed the story to 35 of their most relevant contacts, All Media Scotland being one of them, and they covered the story within moments of its distribution: 

The story was published on 13 th August at 12:41pm and by 13:21pm it was covered by All Media Scotland. And what’s more, their SEO has already seen positive results with rankings for key terms including “Moray news” creeping up the SERPs.

Peter Jones concluded: “[the newsroom] helps promote Moray to a wider audience, which can only be for the good of all. We've had Mynewsdesk for two months now and haven't looked back. The back up is great, the SEO superb and the platform is so intuitive it's a doddle to use".

Other non-profit and public sector organisations using the brand newsroom approach include the Metropolitan Police, SportsAid and Sick Children’s Trust.