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"Mynewsdesk has changed the way we work" says Cisco Services' Marketing Manager

News   •   Jul 31, 2014 09:00 BST

We caught up with Jacintha Verdegaal, EMEAR Marketing Manager at Cisco Services, to find out how their Mynewsdesk newsroom is supporting their digital communications strategy.

Jacintha's marketing objective is to show key stakeholders including the media, analysts and Cisco's partners what Cisco Services has to offer. Their brand newsroom is used to showcase Cisco's latest technology and expertise through their thought leading content.

She explains that Mynewsdesk is the perfect way to experiment with content marketing and begin transforming your organisation into a social brand. It's easy-to-use, set-up and is cost effective.

We were pleased to hear that Mynewsdesk has supported an evolution in the way Cisco Services' marketing communications team thinks and works. If they come across a good story, they now publish it immediately.

When asked what advice she would offer communication professionals who are considering working with Mynewsdesk Jacintha cooly replied with Nike's slogan - "Just do it!"

Watch Cisco Services' case study video below:

Check out Cisco Services' newsroom:

Cisco's newsroom

Check out Cisco's media library and social channels:

Cisco's social media

Just an online newsroom?

No, behind our Mynewsdesk brand newsrooms is a quick, easy and fun-to-play-with platform that enables over 5,000 companies to manage their content and distribute it to their newsroom, media lists and social channels in one go. Comms pros also use it to build and dynamically manage rich-profile media lists as well as measuring story successes with our built-in analytics tool.