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Mynewsdesk tunes up Shazam's digital comms

News   •   Jan 16, 2014 15:11 GMT

We caught up with Shazam's PR Manager, Rica Squires, to find out how Mynewsdesk has enhanced Shazam's digital comms. 

For Rica, one of the main benefits of using Mynewsdesk is that it helps her collaborate better with international agencies and improve Shazam's overall media relations. She says: 

"It's given us the flexibility to organise lists according to our needs and the various verticals we work in. Plus it pulls all of the social information, as far as Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth, so they have all of this great information at their finger tips."

Watch the video below to hear the other ways Mynewsdesk is helping Rica manage Shazam's PR...

A little about Rica...

Rica is a communications specialist with more than twenty years experience in both the US and the UK. She was the first dedicated PR professional employed directly by Shazam. 

During her time there Shazam has more than doubled its average annual coverage, particularly in top-tier publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, and broadcast outlets such as the BBC, FOX Business News, CNBC and NBC, dominating its competitors in both music and television.

A little about Shazam...

Shazam is a mobile phone-based music identification service, available as an app for download on all major platforms and works on iOS, Android and Windows 7. It was launched in 2000 but now connects more than 420 million people in over 200 countries and 33 languages to the music, TV shows and brands they love. 

By using the inbuilt microphone in a mobile phone, Shazam gathers a sample of the music you wish to know more about then creates an "acoustic fingerprint" to compare it to their database of over 35 million tracks. 

Shazam then provides the user with information about the artist, song title and album as well as links to iTunes, YouTube, Spotify and much more.