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Mynewsdesk Update: Do More With Your Contacts

News   •   May 26, 2017 14:55 BST

You might have noticed we've changed the tab "Network" to "Contacts". But that's not all that's new...

Now, you can segment your distribution lists based on the actions your contacts have taken, for example, who's...

  • Opened your stories
  • Clicked the links
  • Shared your content

And, what's more, you can also:

  • Send a reminder to those who didn't open the email
  • Sort contacts into alphabetical order by name, email address and company
  • See which stories contacts found most interesting

We’re releasing this gradually so that we can take any feedback onboard and continually improve the feature. If you feel you're ready for the new Contacts, please get in touch with your account manager and we'll get you switched over right away!