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New eBook: How to improve your media relations

News   •   Jan 12, 2018 13:00 GMT

Today, Mynewsdesk is releasing the second part of this year’s journalist survey - “A Case of Overconfidence”. And the message is clear - journalists are far from satisfied with the quality of the content they receive from PR professionals.

Mynewsdesk conducts this report annually. Over 3,000 PR professionals participated in the latest survey in which they shared their views and opinions about the media industry, the collaboration with PR professionals and industry predictions.

Standout results include:

  • 60% of journalists state that content from brands is too self-serving.
  • 55% think that PR professionals are always looking to sell something.
  • 48% state that messaging from brands lack journalistic discipline.

Traditional media has been challenged over the last few years. Old ways of gaining revenue no longer work, resulting in substantial staff-cuts for full-time editors and journalists. In stark contrast, however, the number of communicators and PR professionals working across all industries has been increasing. For journalists who are overloaded with information and messages now, it means that the demand for high-quality content has never been higher.

The first e-book in the series focuses on journalists’ views and expectations of the future, and the report released today focuses on journalists’ tips for communicators. The ebook also includes two case studies, one from MTR Express and the other being a Swedish PR agency, Gul PR.

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