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New ebook: Is the PR industry GDPR compliant?

News   •   Apr 05, 2018 09:30 BST

May 25th is just around the corner. Although there’s a lot of content about GDPR out there, few of them address the implications of what GDPR means to the PR and communications industry.

GDPR will affect all companies and organizations handling personal information– basically, nearly everyone.

As PR professionals, we handle personal data every day. From retrieving journalists’ details and email addresses to sending personalized emails and mass press releases; we’re manipulating data. Under the new regulations, the processing and storing of this data will need to be done carefully.

The ebook addresses such questions:

  • What does GDPR mean for PR?
  • How should I be collecting, processing and storing data?
  • How will it affect my overall way of working?

In case you are a little late in the game, we’ve also included a definitive checklist.

Get your copy!

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