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Social Media Newsrooms Main Theme when Mynewsdesk Hosts #CommsChat

News   •   Jun 27, 2011 11:18 BST

Social Media Newsrooms will be the focus on #CommsChat on Twitter, June 27th, hosted by Mynewsdesk's Charlotte Ulvros and Jonathan Bean.

The digital and or social media newsroom is fast replacing the traditional press room as a source for journalists and stakeholders wanting to find out more about a company. The ease and speed of access to information the online world provides is unparalleled in comms. But what’s the best way to go about establishing one? And will they ever become the sole form of media relations?

 Some of the topics to be covered during the #CommsChat are:

  • When does a press room become a newsroom?
  • Who or what is a newsroom for – and why should organisations have one?
  •  Journalists increasingly make use of sources from many different places – if companies are aware of this, why don’t more of them have social media newsrooms which can aggregate those sources?
  • Why is the FTSE100 behind in taking up the concept of social media newsrooms?
  • Organisations are starting to hire journalists to work on their newsrooms – so who should you be hiring to manage them? And does a social media newsroom give you the opportunity to become the media?
  • Should your newsroom be located only on your corporate website? Or ought you expand it onto other platforms that interest your stakeholders?

#CommsChat will take place at 8pm BST. We recommend that participants use to keep up with the conversation.