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Thatcham Research Is Taking Its Comms to the "Next Level" With Mynewsdesk...

News   •   Jan 22, 2016 10:44 GMT

Thatcham Research, the research centre for automotive motor insurers, last week took their comms strategy to "new levels" with the acquisition of our digital PR platform, Mynewsdesk. 

We caught up with Thatcham's Comms Executive, Iain Wallace, to dig into the details of how they'll be using Mynewsdesk to streamline their workflow, improve SEO and boost influencer relations.

What did your previous comms strategy look like?

"We’ve encountered difficulties in the past with finding a consistent way of successfully distributing the sheer volume and variety of our material which has proved both time and effort consuming.

We work in an exciting industry where the next development is just around the corner. Our research work allows us to be at the cutting edge of some of these developments and provides us with a rich set of content which we are keen to share."

How will the #BrandNewsroom change your approach to comms?

"MyNewsDesk will not only allow us to share more content more easily, but also allows us to be more targeted with whom we share our news and to build up effective long term relationships with key media.

For me it’s all about efficiency – the ability to share our content quickly and easily across multiple channels without duplicating effort is absolutely key. Above all our new media centre will take our press communications to a new level allowing us to fulfil our potential as a unique business with a unique set of content to share."

What's can we expect from Thatcham's newsroom?

"Our first major campaign will focus on our involvement with the What Car? awards in mid-January when as well as announcing our choice of Britain’s safest car we will be looking ahead to the very latest developments in vehicle safety as we pursue our objectives of encouraging “safer cars, fewer crashes”"

And we can see that Thatcham is already using their newsroom perfectly - uploading images, videos and regular content pieces. We look forward to hearing about the results their brand newsroom drives!