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[Video] How A #BrandNewsroom Streamlined SAP's Comms

News   •   Nov 09, 2015 15:25 GMT

From having a time-consuming workflow to becoming a streamlined content machine, SAP reveals how Mynewsdesk helped transform their comms strategy for the better.

Through adopting Mynewsdesk's brand newsroom approach, SAP has strengthened their communications strategy considerably. Director of Integrated Communications, Susanne Kapfer, explains...

"Before Mynewsdesk, we never had any control. Was the email received, was it read, was it picked up? Now, by using the analysis function, we can really see how many picked up on it, who opened the mail and if it was of interest to the wider audience, and that’s a massive improvement"

And, apart from this, the switch from spreadsheets to Mynewsdesk has helped SAP free-up time for more content creation.

"I used to have two hours a day of operational handling. And today I can do this in fifteen minutes"

By switching to Mynewsdesk, SAP is not only saving time, but they have now gained full control over their contact handling, and can adapt their content accordingly.

Watch the video below to hear the full story...

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