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What happens when every company is a media company - Tom Foremski I #Futurecomms14

News   •   Dec 12, 2014 13:13 GMT

Former FT journalist and contemporary contributor of Silicon Valley Watcher blog Tom Foremski and Mynewsdesk's Adam Cranfield discuss media trends and brand publishing.

When Tom first introduced the concept of brands as publishers a decade ago, few understood it. But the idea of the internet’s media technologies having transformed PR and marketing is now something that most in the communications industry have come to accept. 

More and more brands are behaving like media companies, publishing content to engender engagement and affinity. But with such a huge volume of new content available every single day creating white noise, what's next for the communications industry?

He spoke at #FutureComms14, which brought together over 200 marketing communications professionals and some of the world’s leading speakers and practitioners to discuss the latest industry trends and communications challenges of the future. #FutureComms14 was held in London in June 2014.

Tight with time? Watch  Tom Foremski's behind the scenes talk, given at Futurecomms, consisting of a series of short videos in which he talks about comms trends and brand newsroom approach.

FutureComms15 - 18 June, London