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Embed Your Hosted Newsroom Using iframe

Press release   •   May 30, 2011 07:00 BST

When we launched the Hosted Newsroom feature, communicators could customize their social media newsroom at Mynewsdesk, designing a look-and-feel similar to their company’s own website. Now, we have made the feature even better. Using iframe, the social media newsroom can now be fully embedded and displayed on the company's actual site.

A social media newsroom can now be mirrored on a company's website in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Essentially, the iframe element allows a website, in this case, a social media newsroom at Mynewsdesk, to be embedded and displayed on another website, such as the company's own website.

PRWeek's Media Survey of 2010 showed that communicators see their company website as their main channel for messages about their brand, products and services, as well as the main source for press information. A digital newsroom, which most companies have on their website, plays a central role.

At the same time, surveys of journalists and influencers, such as the Bulldog Reporter TEKGROUP International – 2010 Journalist Survey on Media Relations Practices, show that journalists regard press information on a company's website as their primary source of corporate information and story ideas. An updated newsroom on a company's website is therefore a priority for both the company and their intended audience.

Mynewsdesk has taken these studies into account, listening to its audience, and now offers a new feature that makes it even easier for communicators to display their latest press information on their own websites, allowing journalists and other interested parties to obtain this information directly.

Synchronization is key. All press material uploaded to the Mynewsdesk social media newsroom – whether text, images or videos – is published automatically on the company's own website. All features of the social media newsroom on Mynewsdesk, including the social media upload, a search function, comments and related material, are transferred via embedding. The interface is customized to the company's graphic profile and updated from one place, Mynewsdesk’s publishing system.

For communicators, this means that they only need to update their company's press information from one place, despite having the information published in several. This feature saves time and reduces reliance on a Webmaster or potentially complicated CMS systems.

The Hosted Newsroom is included in Mynewsdesk Premium accounts, but can also be purchased as an additional service to other account levels.

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