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Strengthened international position fueled growth for Mynewsdesk in 2017

Press release   •   Feb 14, 2018 09:00 GMT

Mynewsdesk can confirm a strong year in 2017. According CEO Mattias Malmström, the success is due to continued international growth - and Mynewsdesk currently have users in over 100 countries.

“We had a great year across the whole company in 2017, with most parts of the business contributing to a continued strong growth. The ambition is to execute on our vision of creating a world where no story goes untold and unheard whilst at the same time reaching the financial milestone of $100m of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)”, says Mynewsdesk CEO Mattias Malmström.

International expansion - users in over 100 countries

Swedish-founded Mynewsdesk is generally strongest in the the Nordics. New for 2017, Mynewsdesk is also exceeding expectations internationally, with Germany as an important market. For the first time ever Mynewsdesk outperformed budget in a market outside of the Nordics. Mynewsdesk also increased revenue in Japan by 100%. The Mynewsdesk user base also expanded during 2017, and the company currently have users located in 104 countries.

“Since our position in our core markets has been strong and steady for a couple of years, the international business growth is really important for us to reach the long-term goals and ambitions. We have some exciting launches at the beginning of 2018, along with a strong partnership that will, for us, open new markets”, Mattias says.

“The core purpose of our business is to release the full power of stories, to inspire and spark positive change. For us sparking positive change is the most important factor whilst entering new markets; for the PR and media industry as a whole - and for our customers”, Mattias continued.

Strategic journey and business goals 2018

In 2017, Mynewsdesk launched media monitoring service across all markets as part of a strategic journey. The purpose is to develop the core business from being a distributor of news, to offering a complete PR workflow solution for communications and PR-professionals.

"We will continue to develop our product to include all parts of the workflow for PR professionals. We are currently developing a few projects regarding big data to connect all data points in the tool and create valuable insights for our customers", Mattias says.

The increased demand for content production has played an important role in the Mynewsdesk revenue growth in 2017, and indicates clearly how the company should prioritize going forward. The segment Content & Professional Services increased by 525% over the last year. Mynewsdesk is committed to developing the interplay between the customers who need content and those who produce content, such as influencers, bloggers and journalists, in 2018.

"Already from the start Mynewsdesk set out to be a matchmaking service for journalists and brands. With recent developments we will put even more effort into our target group of journalists, to further support them in their day-to-day work and help them gain new and valuable contacts", Mattias concludes.

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Brands already using Mynewsdesk include VisaSonyCosta CoffeeVisit Scotland and The Metropolitan Police.

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